Kick Start Guide to Potty Training

Kick Start Guide for Potty Training

Kick Start Guide for Potty Training



Beginning with the potty training is the important part for the toddlers .You  may  have questions in your mind rolling down

Potty training can be one of the important moments of your life and as a parents and child early life. It will the most dramatic, drawing moment for  the both.

How to develop the good potty training practice so that you don’t have to spend more on diapers or pull-ups.Diaper or pull-ups are a mess because it has problem of Smell, Change or Even See.


Kick Start Guide for Potty Training


Here are some important guide while to start a potty training

  • Know when your child is ready for potty training.

First step to potty training your child is to know when they were ready.

  • Changing less wet diaper.

Until around the age of twenty months child urinate frequent they can’t have to control on their bladder, toilet and potty are interrelated.

  • Broadcast body function.

Every child has a bowel movement in morning, before the bed, often after a meal is going to help when to go to the bathroom.

  • Understanding bathroom talk

You prefer to use term like poop, peep for the purpose .if your child understand there words and can used them for bathroom.

  • Deliver a live demonstration.

Your child has goes to the bathroom in the brain, they use to watch their parents do it .

Please don’t surprise that your if your child follows you into the bathroom.




Kick Start Guide for Potty Training


  • Preparation for potty training.

Top ways that will help your transition to the accurate potty training phase.

  • Make them positive.

Beginning a diaper free trail run you need to focus all the optimistic condition of going to bathroom .

You have to say that wearing the underwear  almost a fun.

  • Standard Bathroom Speak.

Explain child the importance of urination in life and become a friendly relationship with them.

  • Command well behavior.

Don’t pressurize your child for the bathroom always because a healthy relation to child and say whenever you urge than tell me I will help you.

  • Read about it

There are many books and program which is available on net but the question arises that which one will be best for you here are some recommendation  Click here


  • Beginning the potty training process

Now congratulation that you now have to begin the potty training to your young one .

There are some Do’s and Don’t which are really important to read.





  • Switch to Washable Underwear.

Washable Underwear is the far better option instead of diaper and pull-ups so that is easily used for your child .

  • Make your child free.

Play with them so that they were feeling more happy and in the play they do their work motivate them that you can to that encourage them.

  • Wear Loose fitting Clothes.

When the time form bathroom, toddlers suffering the problem to undress the dress so avoid any bottoms with snap ,clasps, buttons or zippers.

You should definitely go for elastic Waistbands.

  • Keep the child motivated.

Gradually the toddler will understand that they don’t need diaper and you feel comfortable.



  • Expect too much too soon.

Even the most active toddler take an amount of time to be train in potty training.

  • Don’t Scold ,Punish.

No parents enjoy to clean the mess but you will try to stay calm and hope for the successful attempts.

  • Never say no to drinks.

If your are attending any function or in a party please don’t deny to give drinks to your young one because

if you don’t give them it will be not healthy practice and toddler will suffer from Dehydration.

  • Don’t force or nag child

Forcing is not the ultimate solution for the toddlers let enjoy them it will be a mess for a while but after some time it will be the most happening and you will be amazed.


  • Some interesting potty training games Games are the most amazing activities for the toddlers  here are some helpful tips that you will love to hear.



Conclusion–    Good Potty Training is Surly Advisable and it maintain proper balance in your life here are some of the recommendation clickhere



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